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Tiuku is our dark brindle girl. She is very promising, but we're still waiting to see how she'll actually turn out. Tiuku is full of soft affection when home and at peace, but she can also be fiercely energetic and highly curious -- especially if she's focused on something tasty.

Tiuku's details and descriptions:
  • Name: FI EE LT CH Roxanne Giovanna (champion titles still unconfirmed)
  • Born: 16.1.2016
  • Dame: Se Ch Pennybright Maxine
  • Sire: Kerryarc Fort Tejon
  • Heart: OK
  • PSS: OK
  • Dog shows: CERT
  • Pedigree in Finnish database

Tiuku 6 months old:


Blanka is our lighter grey girl. She is very easygoing and obedient at home. Ouside she likes running best.

Blanka's development was slow after it had intestinal obstruction after eating kitchen carpet at tender age of 10 months. After the big invasive operation it lost a lot of weight and only slowly got muscle strength back. Happily, today Blanka is most agile and sure-footed girl.

Blanka's details and descriptions:
  • Name: Fi Ch Se Ch Ee Ch Lt Ch Carel Wolf Blanka
  • Born: 20.2.2015
  • Dame: Fi Ch Carel Wolf Venla (eyes: OK)
  • Sire: Carel Wolf Arcturus (eyes: OK)
  • Heart: OK
  • PSS: OK
  • Dog shows: national champion
  • Pedigree in Finnish database


Amalia was a very energetic girl; a fast and agile hound with good drive and most beautiful gait. Amalia grew up with no issues and seemed to fit nicely in our little back.

Continued in 2015: I cannot yet believe how suddenly we lost Amalia. It was always sunny and fast hound that liked running. Amalia was my special baby-faced companion with graceful, light-brindle appearance. She was always ready to join action in a very shepherd dog like keenness. Maybe it learned it from Romy, but in overall, Amalia had good obedience and we had many good runs together.

Amalia's details and description:
  • Name: JV-13 Carel Wolf Amalia
  • Born: 27.8.2012
  • Died: 24.7.2015
  • Dame: Fi Ch Carel Wolf Unelma (eyes: OK)
  • Sire: C.I.B. NORD Fi Se No Ch Riverwolf Neptunus (eyes: distichiasis, moderate)
  • Heart: OK
  • PSS: OK
  • Dog shows: CERT (2 x Finnish, 1 x Swedish, 2 x Estonian), Finnish Junior Winner -13
  • Pedigree in Finnish database 


Klaara is a cousin to our Helga. Klaara is a dark brindle girl. She seemed such a beauty in her puppy pictures that we immediately decided to make her a part of our small pack. Klaara has nicely proportioned head with big ears and eager expression. Her legs and paws are adorable; round and strong. She is quite curious about everything but – still after four years - doesn't like her collar at all. At the house Klaara is playing with the older dogs and seems to be really quick in learning both good and bad behavior from them. Overall, she is an agile and confident girl. Klaara is growing nicely and without any issues. She appears to be more bethinking than Helga but at the same time a bit more headstrong than her blond cousin.

Now, in 2014, Klaara is four years old and a true, confident Irish wolfhound that has the gentle and ever patient nature. It loves long walks in any weather. It has excellent coat and never seems to get cold. Klaara loves its food and it's still pumping with its front paws like a puppy always when waiting its bowl.

Klaara was always nicely confident and now it has grown to be singular leader for our little pack of silly girls. Klaara is always reliable and a good mother figure to the younger dogs that it guides at home and on the road. It is always a most trustworthy player, never getting angry but ready keep the youngsters in line - including the little sister Romy.

2017; Klaara has always been strong and steady companion in our daily lives. It was never sick before and now it is quite hard to understand that the end for our time together was so near. Dearest Klaara is most warmly missed.

Klaara's details and descriptions:
  • Name: SE CH FI CH EE CH Cazavina's Amira
  • Born: 1.12.2009
  • Died: 22.4.2017
  • Dame: SE FLCH Cazavina's Vindi (CERT, Heart: OK)
  • Sire: Cazavina's Tibertus
  • Eyes: OK
  • Heart: OK
  • PSS: OK
  • Dog shows: Swedish and Finnish champion
  • Pedigree in Finnish database 


Helga's expression is open and friendly. It's quite ready to take part in any activity in our lives and hasn't yet been afraid of anything. Although Helga is energetic and lively, it's mostly obedient and knows its name really well. Living with Helga is quite uncomplicated as it has such a sound character.

Helga is a light brindle bitch that has darker markings in head, chest and inside its legs. As it's still growing, it's lanky and lean with nothing extra or exaggerated. Even its coat is "not exaggerated" and that is quite fine for me - it means that Helga is easy to groom. Helga has a longish head with correct bite and nicely dark, glittering eyes full of good intentions and love that it's quite ready to give anyone. Helga has been growing up with no health problems. As a puppy, Helga has been tested for shunt, and the result was clean. Now Helga has got its eyes and heart examined and everything is well.

Continued in 2013: Helga grew up a lovable and tender-hearted hound that was always eager to couch our younger dogs. In our little pack it was the "softie" that would give room for others' antics. Nevertheless, Helga had a very commanding and powerful presence. It was a keen yet never aggressive guard dog and its bark could be heard loud and clear. At the evenings, Helga would be attention and affection demanding and during the nights Helga would sleep near - and preferably on - the other dogs and/or people.

In year 2011 Helga got restless at nights and it had problems sleeping. We took it to a veterinarian and it was found out that Helga had a heart muscle inflammation. At that time, it was presumed to be a continuation after an episode of kennel cough. Helga's heart was extremely strong and healthy and Helga conquered the inflammation. However, after the heart muscle inflammation was cured, Helga started have other inflammation on and off. During the last two years it had several stronger and stronger antibiotic medications. It could have been caused, for example, by a virus infection or by bacteria that is resistance to antibacterial drugs or by a lower immunity. In the end, Helga got adverse effect of the medications and as Helga's condition got quickly worse, the veterinarian found that Helga's liver was collapsing. We had to make the sad decision to spare it more suffering, but the home felt horribly silent and all too spacious after losing the always active and always loud Helga.

Helga's details and descriptions:
  • Name: FI CH Cazavina's Lacerta
  • Born: 8.3.2008
  • Died: 22.4.2008
  • Dame: Gardener's Cazavinalime "Vina"
  • Sire: C.I.B. Nord SE FI CH SE W-09 FI W-10 HE W-10 Pennybright Lancelot
  • Eyes: OK
  • Heart: OK
  • PSS: OK
  • Dog shows: National champion
  • Pedigree in Finnish database 

Young Helga plays with even younger Klaara and Romy:

Ever beautiful Helga!

 ^Klaara and Helga

Helga with baby-Amalia:


Mari is fair and feminine in its appearance. It has nice angulations and curves in its body and a beautifully balanced neck. Compared to Mari's aunt we have, Katariina, Mari is more graceful and slender, especially at the head. Its coat is thick and easily messy looking. The eyes are dark and beautiful.

Mari is sweet and tolerant by nature. It's very easy to handle and it never pulls in the lead. It is also rather curious about things around it and it is often quite easy to motivate, which makes playing/training easier than with some other wolfhounds we've had. On the other hand, Mari is a bit reserved towards people and things outside our family circles, but we've managed to diminish this by exposing Mari to different environments outside our own house. Still, we've decided not to show Mari excessively in dog shows to avoid unnecessary stress. At home, Mari is happy and even bouncy bitch that hasn't matured very much yet as it can still play like a puppy. After the passing away of our older hounds, Mari seems to have been gaining a new kind of confidence and we're all quite happy with its progress towards maturity.

After a triplet of keen home re-decorators (Nero, Nera and Rebecca) we've been pleasantly surprised that Mari hasn't nibbled on any furniture or chewed on any bric-a-brac lying around the house.

Mari strives after approval in constant intervals. Even sometimes during the night we can hear its tail go thump, thump... it wags its tail in half a-sleep but still anticipates that someone will tell: "Good girl!"

Mari has had excellent health in overall. During the hardest growing period it had some growing pains but that left no apparent marks in its joints. Damp weather soaks Mari through and from time to time it has had some skin problems.

Now, in March 2014, Mari is soon to have its 8th birthday and I’m so very proud of her. Mari has fulfilled all the promises it had in its younger days when it became the firm yet gentle leader of our little pack.

Mari's details and descriptions:

  • Name: FI CH Carel Wolf Rose-Marie
  • Born: 22.5.2006
  • Died: 16.7.2014 (loss of strength in back legs)
  • Dame: C.I.B. FI EE CH BaltW-03-04 Carel Wolf Kati "Kati" (Eyes: OK)
  • Sire: Nordic SE NO FI CH SE W-05 Greirish Nightrider "Merlin" (Hips: A/A)
  • Eyes: OK
  • Heart: OK
  • PSS: OK
  • Dog shows: National champion
  • Pedigree in Finnish database 


Justiina (or Jussi for short) was our sweet lady who liked to walk its own paths. Sometimes it seemed almost absent-minded when it drowned itself in scents outside but actually nothing passed its observation. Justiina was good-natured and one of the sharpest or most quick-witted dogs we've ever had. At home, it was a self-proclaimed first lady but no-one ever questioned its authority. It was obedient yet playful - a truly happy dog.

Justiina had many excellent points, and it has been interesting to see some of those same things in its progeny as it was the dame for Carel Wolf N-litter. We had two of Justiina's puppies, Nero and Nera growing at home.

Justiina was a healthy, yet fair Irish Wolfhound. It had a nicely commanding appearance and most lovely almond shaped eyes that it passed also to Nero. It had only one minor problem: it had flat feet on front legs and maybe this was the cause for the two broken toes in its other front leg. Luckily, the broken toes didn't slow it down or cause wrong movement - Justiina had always long, graceful movements and at times, it seemed almost to float through the air. Still, we decided not to compete with Justiina in lure coursing after the injury.

In January 2007, Justiina grew tired after its last heat, and it didn't want to eat any more. At first, the vet found only pyometra, uterine infection to be the problem with Justiina. Soon it turned out that its kidneys were dysfunctional also. On top of that Justiina's heart was rapidly failing, so we decided to put our gentle lady to eternal sleep. There can be no other quite like Justiina. It was a unique hound.

Justiina's details and descriptions:

  • Name: C.I.B. FI EE LT CH EEW-03 Carel Wolf Justiina
  • Born: 15.10.2000
  • Died: 9.2.2007 (pyometra, kidney dysfunction)
  • Dame: C.I.B. FI EE LV CH BALTW-00 LVW-98 Carel Wolf Heili
  • Sire: C.I.B FI DK SE CH FLCH SMM-97 SMM-99 SMM-00 Ice Dane's Arnold "Ali"
  • Heart: OK during active years with small irregularities found in ultrasound two months before death
  • Dog shows: International champion of beauty
  • Lure coursing: Participated with more than a mediacore inclination, but bad luck with toe injury
  • Pedigree in national database

Strong & strict mother Justiina

Nero, Nera and Justiina:


Katariina (Katsu, Kassu) was a big-boned, light gray bitch. Its overall structure was excellent, and especially its back and loin were well proportioned; it was well coupled and the tail was nicely set. The forequarters were a bit straight, but still, there were sufficient angulations at front and back. Katariina had a strong back and neck line with a nice head. It moved soundly and with light, ground covering movements. It had a pair of beautiful almond shaped eyes.

Katariina was a modest bitch. It was usually quiet and calm, which also made it obedient and easy to handle, for example, when grooming. When Katariina was growing up, it had some tendencies for sensitivity or even insecurity. This didn't hinder Katariina's participation in different events or in every day life, and luckily, as Katariina grew older, it also gained more confidence.

Katariina's health was excellent. It had no problems with its legs or limbs, not even during its growth period. Although Katariina was tall for a bitch, it was always on the light side weighting about 52-56 kg.

Katariina had a sensitivity to preservatives and colorants in industrial dog food that caused it to have a skin problem in its youth. When its food was changed for a more natural diet, also the skin problem was solved.

Katariina was never really ill, but unfortunately it was bitten four times by other dogs. This may have been caused by its slowness or clumsiness in reacting to other dogs as it somewhat "froze" under pressure. The fourth and last accident in June 2007 was quite severe as its front chest and front legs were all torn open as well as its head and neck area. For a while, we were afraid that its legs would never be the same again, but there seemed to be more willpower in this lady than met the eye and Katariina made a really great recovery. Thinking back, one can't help but to think what other injuries might have been caused that time. The sudden collapse of Katariina shortly after its 8th birthday caused Katariina's leg strength and coordination to decrease in a time span less than a week.

Katariina was a tireless walker and hiker. The longer a walk, the more it seemed to enjoy. Even if Katariina was walking off lead, it never went far and hurried back to us, if it noticed that it's being left behind. Katariina was interested in scents outside, but not actually on other passers-by or even occasional animals we might have met. At home, Katariina liked cuddling with its people and soft dog toys.

Katariina's details and descriptions:

  • Name: C.I.B. FI EE SE CH EEW-04 Carel Wolf Katariina
  • Born: 17.8.2001
  • Died: 3.9.2009 (loss of strenght; malicious growth or injury in spinal column)
  • Dame: C.I.B. FI EE LV CH Carel Wolf Hilma
  • Sire: C.I.B FI EE LV CH LVW-02 Wolf Tone Peter Brand "Pete"
  • Eyes: OK
  • Heart: Katariina's heart has always been strong, but November 2008 some irregularities due to age were found. Continued January 2009: The extra noise is really small and after an ultrasound examination it was made clear that Katariina's heart will last its lifetime and it needs no medication.
  • Dog shows: International champion of beauty
  • Lure coursing: Participated, no strong inclination
  • Pedigree in national database


Nero was our nice and obedient dark-brindle boy; a true gentleman and a great joy at home. It was always really affectionate dog who liked to be petted and praised. On the other hand, when still young, it demonstrated wolfhounds' capabilities for achieving destruction while home alone. It was most interesting to see Nero acting differently when it tried to impress its companions: With Nera it would do silly romps and run around wildly. With our older bitches it tried to please them - even to the point when it was actually crawling in front of them - namely Wilma the fierce grand old lady. But when it was with Ossi, you could really see who was Nero's idol and big influence. The boys worked great together and were easy to take out for walks as a pair.

We supervised Nero's growth with great care, because at times its legs seemed too wobbly to look good. When adult, it had no issues with its legs after it to grew stronger muscles and developed well. However, due to its heart problems Nero stayed home as a companion dog.

In general, Nero was a lovable little mister and philosopher who seemed to be thinking deeply before acting. Only unguarded food got it to forget its good manners. It was always also a bit of an engineering soul who liked to take things apart and look inside how they work, but unfortunately, those things were hardly usable after this engineer's inspections. One of our biggest scares with Nero was a moment when it ate up a full Kinder Easter egg - with its foil wrappings and plastic surprise inside. Thankfully, all came out again in one piece. It once ate also a pair of glasses so that we never found more than one of the arms of the spectacles and couple of glass crumbs. With Rebecca, they destroyed several sofas (Nera might have helped a bit too). Alone it destroyed additional wooden furniture too - we still have kitchen cupboards with corners chewed off by Nero.

Like most of our dogs, I would have liked Nero to live forever, but sadly it had a large mass growing in its stomach. In late 2010, it seemed to get bladder issues, and the tumor was found by its veterinarian. We decided not to try larger invasive operation because of Nero's heart.

Nero's details and descriptions:

  • Name: Carel Wolf Nero
  • Born: 22.3.2004
  • Died: 6.10.2009
  • Dame: C.I.B. FI EE LT CH ESTW-03 Carel Wolf Justiina
  • Sire: C.I.B. FI LV LT RU SE CH FI-JW-03 Wolf Tone Merrick "Riki"
  • Eyes: OK
  • PSS: OK
  • Heart: mitral valve insufficiency
  • Pedigree in national database

Nero following its dame, Justiina:

Nero and Nera as baby-hounds:


Nera was our wild young one. It was often eagerly and constantly doing something or moving about. It was not specially anxious or restless, but most  enthusiastic in participating our daily life. Nera was really fast and somewhat greedy - at least during the mealtimes. Often Nera emptied its own bowl before other dogs had barely started to eat. It was always fiercely independent but nicely obedient to its dame Justiina.

Nera grew up very nicely and without any problems. Its movements were always beautiful and sound. Its coat was coarse and easy. Nera was very agile and quite fast, and at one moment of its puppyhood Nera had a bad habit of slipping away for private exploration trips. One of Nera's hobbies was eating grass at summer and rose berries at autumn.

Outside our own home, its temperament was at the same time very independent and a bit reserved. I would call it a sharp dog. After our old leaders (Justiina, Wilma and Ossi) all passed away with short intervals, Nera's anxiety seemed to grow and at last, it could not find peace even at home. It was a horribly hard decision to do, but we should not be too selfish with our dogs - so young Nera was laid to rest.

Nera's details and descriptions:

  • Name: FI CH Carel Wolf Nera
  • Born: 22.3.2004
  • Died: 5.6.2007
  • Dame: C.I.B. FI EE LT CH ESTW-03 Carel Wolf Justiina
  • Sire: C.I.B. FI LV LT RU SE CH FI-JW-03 Wolf Tone Merrick "Riki"
  • Eyes: OK
  • PSS: OK
  • Pedigree in national database

Nera and Rebecca:

Nero and Nera:


Häxan was our first Irish Wolfhound. It was a intelligent and affectionate bitch that as a dog seemed to be everything we had ever wished for. It was very obedient companion and playful out-door-type, but on the other hand also a most commanding and self-assured bitch. As an individual and as a unique lady-dog, it made a lasting impression so that we have continued to have Irish wolfhounds at home since Häxan's days.

Häxan loved walking and hiking the most. It was always ready to go out, no matter what the weather was like. Often, what a wolfhound most likes, seems to be a stormy weather. One of Häxan's specialties was going silly from the snow.

Häxan had some peculiar habits which we first thought to be wolfhound-eccentricities. When Häxan's dog-companion Mörö died we were quite shocked to find out that Häxan was nearly blind at the age of one year and two months. Häxan lived still three more years. Most of the time it was its old playful self, but for example strong noises and scents caused it to panic. When the new pack-members Wilma and Manta grew, Häxan started to trust on them more and more. At last, Häxan seemed nervous only on new years eve or if it was thundering very near us.

We showed Häxan in a few dog shows. Its best result was a certificate and a placement as the best of opposite sex. Häxan's "career" was cut short when its eye-problems were noticed and for example it never participated in open class. Häxan also successfully practiced in lure-coursing as a youngster. As it grew older it became a very affectionate mother figure for Wilma and Manta. Its activities became more home-centered, but until the very end it would walk the familiar paths in the woods.

Häxan was quite big bitch with a lovable expression, a long back and a mess of a coat. Its height at shoulder was 86 cm and approximately it weighted 65 kg. Its still one of the biggest and most impressive hounds we've had.

Häxan's details and descriptions:

  • Name: Tinwhistle's Glimmering Gem
  • Born: 27.2.1995
  • Died: 19.3.1999 (trombosytopenia)
  • Dame: FI CH Tarces Xenia Gelert
  • Sire: FI EE CH Bokra Gesture
  • Eyes: cataract
  • Dog shows: CERT
  • Lure coursing: enthusiastic, but no official trials
  • Pedigree in national database


Ossi was our high and mighty Mr Loverman who believed everyone to love it - for Ossi it was just a matter of getting to know each others. Ossi was very self-confident and never aggressive. With time, Ossi just got better and better.

No matter how great Ossi was, it was also the one that always got you into thousand embarrassing situations with the idiocies it pulled off. For example, one of the most common one was: You are walking together peacefully and suddenly - PING - a cat runs across your path and Ossi springs forward... There is not much to be done when a dog of Ossi's size decided to take a joyful leap. But actually, you could never get angry to Ossi when it came back with eyes glowing from enthusiasm. Thankfully, it never neither cough a cat or collided with a car. And with time, such youthful bursts of energy - if I put it nicely - seemed to grow scarcer as Ossi grew older.

Ossi was always a most fit dog, who never got sick. It had had various self-inflicted injuries though. For example, a hard fall when it was just 10 months old, caused a testicle inflammation. So, Ossi was our home-boy and usually the one responsible for all the general ruckus at home. Until its final days, it would be great "babysitter" forcing youngsters to move and play.

Continued in 2006: Ossi was slowly nearing its 8th birthday and mostly still the same silly jumper it had always been. It seemed to have no time to slow down although the first sighs of old age could be seen quite clearly. Ossi's eyes were examined and in the left eye it had iris cyst due to intra-ocular pressure. Besides that Ossi had problems of heart and joints, which meant that it was being pampered by everyone - and Ossi certainly knew how to take most of the attention! Despite these ailments, Ossi coped surprisingly well even through the extra-warm last summer it shared with us. At times, it was a bit of a  Mr. Grumpy with the youngsters when it wanted to rest. But when Autumn came, one evening it had a really bad case of arrhythmia that seemed to continue and continue - so Ossi was taken to the veterinarian for one last time.

Ossi was so far the largest wolfhound that we've had. Its height at shoulder was 92 cm and at its prime it weighted approximately 80-83 kg. With the heart condition, its weight dropped to 73 kg.

Ossi's details and descriptions:
  • Name: Gogamagog's One Man Show
  • Born: 28.3.1999
  • Died: 11.10.2006 (arrhythmia)
  • Dame: C.I.B. FI EE CH LVW-97 EEW-98 Gogamagog's Lady in Black
  • Sire: FI CH Gogamagog's Mind Games
  • Eyes: OK
  • Heart: murmur found when adult
  • Dog shows: EX
  • Lure coursing: enthusiastic, but no official trials
  • Pedigree in national database

Katariina, Justiina and Ossi:


Manta was our beloved madcap in which classical beauty of a wolfhound met with a classical case of sighthound fierceness. Days with Manta were never boring. I want to believe that in one and each day Manta lived far more than some live in their entire lives.

Manta was very stubborn and never dropped out from a chase. It was often so in the chase that it also barked loudly from joy which hasn't been typical to our other wolfhounds. Standing still in a dog-show or going slowly around a show-ring was something it never liked. Lure coursing was something it liked better. Manta became lure coursing winner of The Irish Wolfhound Club in Finland both in 1998 and 2000. It was also The Lure Coursing King of The Finnish Club for Sighthounds in 1999.

At home Manta showed also its tender and affectionate side to us and to the youngsters. Manta and Wilma grew up together and until the very end they could come up with silly antics earning the nick-name of Dense Duo.

When Manta was four years old it was operated because of tumours in its auditory meatus. We were warned that all of the affected areas could not be operated. Still, Manta was with us for a year and a half more.

Manta was not very big, but instead muscular and agile bitch. Its height at shoulder was 78 cm and it weighted 64 kg when it was still running and 58 kg after its 'retairement'. Manta's hip joints were examined to be A/A. Also its joints at knees and its spine were examined to be flawless.

Manta's details and descriptions:
  • Name: FI CH Gogamagog's Me Or Nothing
  • Born: 15.2.1997
  • Died: 3.6.2002 (malicious tumor)
  • Dame: FI CH Gogamagog's Ingenious Imp
  • Sire: Honeymer's Lancelot
  • Heart: OK (auscultation)
  • Hip dysplasia: A/A
  • Dog shows: national champion
  • Lure coursing: enthusiastic and agile
  • Pedigree in national database

Young Ossi with Manta:

Manta running, Ossi trying to keep up:

Manta watching over young Justiina:

Wilma and Häxan with baby-Manta in the middle:


For a short while, we had this sweet boy at home. It was a brindle boy with dark eyes and small white markings. Reiska's character seemed to be loving and peaceful. Yet, this was a life that can never be and we wanted to spare Reiska from further pain and suffering.

Reiska's details and descriptions:

  • Name: Gogamagog's Hy Niall
  • Born: 6.8.2009
  • Died: 7.12.2009 (euthanasia, both knees malformed and with osteoarthritis)
  • Dame: FI Ch JW-04 FI W-06 Gogamagog's Untold Story "Una"
  • Sire: Gogamagog's Coalan "Masi"
  • PSS: OK
  • Pedigree in national database


Yrjö was a lightly coloured gentle boy that had huge paws. Sadly, it was a life that never had a change to bloom. Yrjö had a sever case of liver shunt.

Yrjö's details and descriptions:

  • Name: Brokenwheel Yari
  • Born: 18.2.1999
  • Died: 10.6.1999 (PSS)
  • Dame: Wolf Touch Baronessa
  • Sire: C.I.B. FI DK CH BDSG-96 BALTW-98 Hardy od Svejka 
  • Pedigree in national database

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